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Downsizing: Where to Start?

Are you thinking about downsizing but when you look around all you see years’ worth of things that need to be gone through before you can even think about selling? Where do you start? What’s first? So… you need a game plan for getting this done without too much hassle. You may be a little overwhelmed and dreading the work involved. You might even be apprehensive about

going through your stuff and trying to decide what to get rid of. I’m Tara Powell with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team and I have helped so many clients go through the exact same thing you’re considering now.

So, let me help you! Declutter, purge, cull, whatever you want to call it! You should not wait until a week before moving to start going through your things to see what you will keep and what you will donate or toss. There are many different ways to tackle it and I will just give you a few ideas on how it can be done.

Furniture may take the longest to find a home for or to decide what to keep. However, this is a good place to start. If there are furniture pieces that you know will not make the move, then go ahead and deal with that first. If your daughter said that she has always loved that armoire, now is the time to give that to her. The extra space will be needed as you go through your things. Less furniture is better for staging purposes as well. There are so many charities that take used furniture and will even come to your home to pick up. I suggest that you call them first since there are items like mattresses that some charities will not take.

One common decluttering method is to get 3 boxes and label them Toss, Donate and Keep. Go through room by room using this method. For the Keep box, if it is an item that is not used frequently go ahead and properly pack that box up and store until your move, labeling the box as well with a description of the items and which room to be moved to. The Toss Donate Keep method works well with clothing also. For kitchen, pantry, medicine cabinet- Toss anything expired or that you know you will not use. If the food isn’t expired but you don’t want it, then it can be donated to the local food bank. Be sure to dispose of medication properly and do not flush down the toilet. Attics and garages tend to be the most overlooked areas since they store our items that “we will get to later” or store our seasonal items. So don’t avoid these areas until the last minute.

My previous clients who downsized found that enlisting a friend or relative to help them sort through the different categories of items was very helpful and instrumental in reassuring them that they would not miss the items that they got rid of. Sometimes we need encouragement to release that 1980’s jacket that we loved so much but haven’t worn in 30 years.

If you are ready to start the downsizing process and want to know what your home’s value it in today’s market, give me a call and I can easily do that for you at no cost. We can also chat about your options for your next home as well. I would love to help you through this whole process until you have your keys in your hand to your new home. I’m Tara Powell with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team. Real Estate with a Purpose. Where we put our clients and community first!

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