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Updated: Apr 7

Can you buy or sell a home on the coast of North Carolina without losing thousands of dollars? We all want that, right? But it doesn't happen automatically. Hi, I am Danielle Abraham with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team. So let’s really think about that question. How to buy or sell without losing money? The first step is to hire a professional with a proven record of outperforming other agents in negotiations and sales. Sometimes you might think going it alone or hiring a discount broker will get the job done but, did you know, that could end up costing you thousands in the long run?

Many times these discount brokers cut corners by not hiring professional photographers and videographers or by just putting the listing on the MLS and hoping it sells without any advertising to reach the masses. That means the only way your home sells is if someone stumbles across it and can overlook the less than flattering photos online. That is not showcasing your home the way you deserve! Real estate is just like another important asset, your body, and you wouldn't operate on yourself, would you? Nope, me either. And if you're like me, when I hire a doctor, I hire a doctor that specializes in fixing whatever body part is giving me problems. For example, if you broke your hip, you wouldn't go to an ear, nose and throat doctor. No, you wouldn't. You'd go to an experienced orthopedic surgeon. So do the same with your real estate and mortgage professionals. It truly can make a difference between you losing money and potential buyer interest in your home.

Lastly, what about negotiations? What if you were being sued? Wouldn't you want to hire the best attorney to keep more money in your pocket in case you had to pay out? Of course, you would hire a great negotiating attorney who could make a difference between you getting over that speed bump and possibly going bankrupt. Well, your home is no different. Remember, it's most likely your largest investment. So be careful not to hire an agent whose only card they can play is to reduce their commission because they don't have the negotiation skills and experience to demonstrate their value. Hey, if they can't negotiate for themselves, that means they can't negotiate on your behalf either, and it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. So take my advice. Hiring a specialist who has lots of experience and knows how to negotiate is the right choice when purchasing or selling your largest investment. This is why you need a Realtor®.

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