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Will Your Home Pass The Test

If you put your home on the market, can you sell your home for top dollar? Will your home past the test? Hi, I’m Danielle Abraham with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team. Let’s take a quiz to see if your home passes the “Sell for Top Dollar Test.” We’ve helped homeowners sell tons of homes so we know what we’re talking about. In addition, we have worked with tons of buyers who are not shy about sharing what they like/don't like/ notice, etc. We use this to help us guide our sellers. So...Here we go.

When you walk up to your home does it have curb appeal? Clean and neat landscaping, maybe a bit of fresh pine straw or mulch, fresh flowers, new trim and door paint, or possibly even a new paint job? It may seem like why spend a lot of money when you are selling but this can increase the chances of appealing to more buyers and possibly getting lots of attention which in turn might lead to more offers, and organically driving up the price. Isn't that what we want?

For the interior, Have you done the 3 D’s: decluttered, depersonalized and deep cleaned? And I mean, real deep cleaning, baseboards, scuff marks, changed out old light bulbs and more. Taken down family photos? The collection of magnets on your fridge from your travels? Organized your desk? How about your closets? Buyers really do take a look at closets and if they are crammed full of stuff, then they think the closets are too small. All of this will have to be done anyway when you move so why not start doing it now. Plus, without the clutter and personal items, buyers can see their own items in your home which is ultimately what you want...for them to picture themselves living in your home.

Let's keep going....Are the walls painted a neutral color? Have you patched holes, painted the front door and trim? Do you have neutral carpets or flooring that are clean? Do you have updated flooring and countertops? Are your cabinets still the same as they were 15 years ago, or have you updated them. You see all of this matters.

Here is a big one. The Smell Test. I’m sure you don’t realize this, but did you know most people have a “smell to their home” yes, a smell. I showed a house once that had several dogs, some cats, guinea pig cages, a lizard cage, a turtle tank and it did smell like animals. They wouldn't have to get rid of their animals but just make a concerted effort during listing period to make sure cages & litter boxes were kept really clean, the house was exceptionally clean and fans were on in each room. Moving air around really does help with smells. If I were selling, I would probably have a friend or family member come over and give me their honest opinion. Although, Be careful using strong candles or air fresheners because they can be a bit offensive to buyers. You didn't know this would be such hard work and a balancing act but it is!

Last thing...take a look at your competition via online. Have you truly compared your home to your competition? You may think you have the best home on the block. But is it measuring up to the homes in the same price range, area you live in and size. Don't take any of this personally. Remember that once you decide to sell your home and list it, it is no longer yours. It is getting ready to be someone else's home. So I challenge you, take the quiz and give yourself a rating from 1-10 to see if you’re ready to put your house on the market and sell for top dollar, or if you need to make a few changes. P.S. most of us have to make changes, if I were to sell my house, I’d have a huge list to start working through. I'm Danielle Abraham with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team. Real Estate with a Purpose. Where we put our clients and community first! 

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