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How Much Money Do I Need To Purchase A Home

Most people are afraid that it will cost thousands of dollars in down payment money to purchase a home on the coast of North Carolina. So, how much money do you need to purchase a home? Did you know there are many loan programs and grants out there to help home buyers? Some loan programs only require 3% to 3.5% down. You may even be able to qualify with no down payment at all, depending on the area where you’re purchasing. And, of course, if you qualify, a VA loan has no down payment requirement but potentially a funding fee that can be included in your mortgage. Hi, I’m Danielle Abraham with RE/MAX NC Coastal Team.

Don’t continue to rent or dream of home ownership because you are unaware of all of the options that are out there to support you. As you consider a property purchase, one of the first things to do (after identifying the location), is to contact a lender and find out how much of a loan you qualify for and, ultimately, how much you are comfortable spending. Sometimes, there is a difference between these two! I have a few preferred local lenders that you can contact. They have competitive rates with the big banks, different loan packages to get the best one for you and more importantly, do a great job connecting with their clients. Information is power and If you haven't contacted a lender in a long time (or ever) please don't let it intimidate you! They are helpful no matter your purchasing stage or money situation. Information is power! Knowing what you can and are willing to spend will really help you as you get ready to look at properties and possibly submit an offer. We can't do one without the other! I'm Danielle Abraham with the RE/MAX NC Coastal Team. Real Estate with a Purpose. Where we put our clients and community first and we are here to support you!

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